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Hello SMEs, artists and freelancers

We want to help you grow and develop your full potential in this interconnected world, which is why at NAS Services we want to offer you a comprehensive graphic design and web development service based on the well-known WordPress CMS for SMEs, artists and freelancers so that both your current clients and potential clients know first-hand what services and products you offer them.

Every good project requires visibility and since you are surely very focused on developing your idea, we are here to facilitate your path as far as the digital world is concerned.

That is why we have graphic design and web development so that you can obtain the visibility and image that your brand deserves.

Our WordPress services

Creation of

landing page o página de destino

Landing page

It is a very specific and results-oriented web page because when a user clicks on a CTA (call to action) located in a social media post, in an email, on the web, on a banner, in a Google Ads ad, etc., this is directed to a destination page or landing page.

Ejemplo One Page Web o Single Page website

One page web or single page website

This would be your choice if you like minimalist websites where all the home sections, product catalog, contact, etc., are located on a single web page and are divided into differentiated sections so that all the information can be understood in one glance.

Ejemplo página web

Web page

This would be your choice if you like the more common websites where the different contents are separated into different pages and designed with a navigation menu.

website de portfolio


If you are an artist or freelancer and are looking to show your work visually, this type of website is optimized so that the multimedia that appears is displayed in a more attractive way for the user.

Online store or e-commerce

This would be your choice if what you want is to sell products or offer services through a catalog allowing the use of different payment methods.

Features of our websites

Responsive design

Page whose design adapts to all device formats (mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop), so that all types of users can comfortably navigate your website.

Know more:

We will develop your page using a mobile first approach, so the page will display faster on mobile devices.

Loading speed

We will optimize the loading time to improve the user experience.


We will create a web page that is intuitive, easily navigable and loads quickly.


If you contract the maintenance of the website with us, you will have an SSL certificate and, ultimately, you will guarantee problem-free navigation.

Creación de Temas y Plugins
Themes and plugins DEVELOPMENT

Based on the functionalities you need, we will look for a theme and plugins that allow us to meet your requirements or we will create them ad-hoc.

Know more:

WordPress Themes are folders with HTML files, style sheets, javascript code, PHP, etc., that make your website have the visual appearance and design that it has.

A WorpPress Plugin is a piece of code that connects to your website. In a nutshell, it is an extension to your site that modifies and enhances the core features of WordPress.



¿Qué debes plantearte para tener una página web exitosa?


We will guide you in presenting appropriate content so that you do not underestimate the power of content in web design.

Dirigida a tus objetivos
Aimed at your goals

You cannot ‘make a website’ without first defining exactly what your objectives are. You should ask yourself, what actions do you expect the user to take when visiting the website? Share your content through social networks, subscribe to your newsletter, buy your products, request information about your services, enjoy your content, etc.

Attractive design
ejemplo website con diseño atractivo

Seven seconds is the average time a user needs to form a first impression of a web page. In this sense, the design must be intuitive and guide the user towards the main objective.


We do not like to waste time looking for information, so it is essential to have a simple and organized structure that offers all the information.


Following Mies Van der Rohe’s motto that says “less is more”, the websites that attract the interest of visitors are those that display simple lines, without excess objects, coupons, social buttons and other elements that can distract the user and remove attention from the main objective.


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